What Is Bitcoin ATM?

Crypto Cousins What Is A Bitcoin ATM terminal

In this video from the Crypto Cousins Tony Cecala and Gary Leland talk about how to use an offline Bitcoin wallet to keep your crypto currency and private keys secure.

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DISCLAIMER: This article should not be taken as is, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

1 thoughts on “What Is Bitcoin ATM?

  1. Torben Wolff says:

    Hello Cousins.

    I’m a happy danish subscriber of your Crypto Cousins podcast. Unfortunately, I just started buying Bitcoins late September this year, but at least I’m on board now 😊.

    I find the technology very exiting but referring to Bitcoin ATM video I find there is a huge problem with the technology. It seems to be a “one way” solution. It’s relatively easy to convert your FIAT money to a Blockchain currency and to exchange this currency with other users on the Blockchain. But to “get it out” again is the hard part. As banks and most governments is not supporting the crypto phenomenon (due to multiple reasons – here in Denmark due to money laundery regulations) they will not just take your USD/EUR that you return back on your bank account from the exchange that you use.

    Your example in the video about transferring money via bitcoins to people in south america is right in some ways (costs and security) but how this person is converting the received bitcoins to a currency that he can use to buy stuff for is an issue that you don’t cover. Is this “one way” traffic not a huge threat to the technology?

    Could you maybe cover this issue in a future video or podcast ??


    Torben Wolff

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