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What is the BICIOS Effect?

I hear people talking about the BICIOS Effect quite often now a days.

At least people who are involved with Cryptocurrency talk about the BICIOS Effect quite often.

While they may be talking about it, no one has heard of it including the people talking about it.

Now you are probably asking yourself “What in the world is the BICIOS Effect?”

BICIOS is an anagram for “Buying Into Crypto Instead Of Stuff”.

For many of us who are investing into cryptocurrency we now think twice when buying something we don’t really need, or spending money.

We may think to ourselves “I could buy some Bitcoin with this money.” when we start spending money on something we really don’t need.

I hear people saying something similar to this all the time.

I thought about buying an iPhone 10 plus, but that is over $1000. For that same amount I could get 3 Ethereum Coins, or 20 Litecoin.

Which choice do you think I am going with?

I bet there is a chance you have had the thought yourself?

I hear it so often that I needed to create an anagram for it.

Maybe it will be easier for people to talk about now that it has its own name.

So lets bring BICIOS out of the shadows and into the light.

Have you had the BICIOS Effect yourself? Maybe you know someone who has?

DISCLAIMER: This article should not be taken as is, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.