Talking About Our iTunes Reviews

We have a blast reading reviews left in the iTunes App.

These are the reviews we talked about.

Risho -1 Australia – 5 stars

This is a really approachable podcast for those new to crypto and wanting to find out more. Great conversational style and all jargon is explained. Love your work guys!

Edward_G USA – 3 stars

I like these guys and they’re clearly knowable, but I have two observations that prevent me from giving them a 5 star rating: 1) Way too much self promotion. Some is of course fine, but they go overboard on every podcast. 2) A good 5-10+ minutes of rambling before they get to the main topic of the podcast. I have to set the speed to 2x. It would be great if they could address these two items. I would be able to listen and support more of their episodes.

Iggy Great Britain – 5 stars

Howdy Howdy Howdy from the UK. What a great, easy to listen to, non complicated, non patronising, very informative, humorous podcast. All the best for the future.

Esclapon USA – 2 stars

Don’t listen to this show, there are so many better alternatives. All these guys do is talk about themselves one of them mainly, the other one is kind of cool. They have almost no info and just yammer on, while there are some great shows that do the opposite and squeeze so much info so beautifully and concisely and still manage to stay funny and entertaining. Two really great ones are Let’s Talk Crypto and the Bad Crypto Podcast. Just listen to the episode on the lost 4 million bitcoin and you will know what I’m talking about.

Sroepke004 USA – 5 stars

I've tried several podcasts as a noob and this is the only one I've made it through every episode. If you want to learn about crypto in laymen terms then this is the podcast for you, hands down!

KevinHealey USA – 2 stars

I forced myself to listen to every episode before reviewing and I’d say, conservatively, 30-40% of the content is promo/marketing focused. Hopefully you guys can increase the amount of time spent discussing cryptocurrency content and reduce the amount of time spent plugging all your different podcasts and partnerships.

Imhighlander USA – 5 stars

I can’t remember how I found CC but I’m sure glad I did! As a non-tekkie and Gen-Xer I have been intimidated by the learning curve for Bitcoin, crypto, and the broader world of blockchain tech. While these guys focus mostly on the financial aspects of blockchain currencies, it’s a great intro to the world of Crypto. They shortened my learning curve a lot.

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