Podcast Episode 11
Over 4 Million Lost Bitcoin

Crypto Cousins Podcast S1E11 Over 4 Million Lost Bitcoin

Happy New Year!!
Where are the 4 Million Lost Bitcoin?

Into and outro voice over by Zach Lewis realnewscn.com.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 11
Over 4 Million Lost Bitcoin

  1. ramon says:

    Blockfolio does have a pretty extensive list of coins. I participated in an ICO for some tokens in November and they are listed there. If a coin is on one of the major exchanges it should be there. I put it on my wife’s phone with her portfolio ( I did the purchasing) so she can see how it is fairing.

  2. Iorgovan Iovan says:

    Guys, i appreciate your work with the podcast, but i would like to hear less small talk and more professional talk, and this way might fit inside the 30min podcasts length you wish.

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