Crypto Cousins Podcast S1E20 Lightning Nodes with Jimmy Song

Discussion on the Lightning Network and Nodes for future Bitcoin transactions.

Tony and I are excited about this weeks interview with Blockchain Developer and Off Chain YouTube channel creator, Jimmy Song! We had the chance to interview Jimmy recently and we are focused on the Lightning Network and Lightning Node solutions to Bitcoin and Blockchain speed and scalability.

Links Mentioned In The Show:

WilcoWallet: A Secure Android

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Crypto Cousins Podcast S1E20 Jimmy Song InterviewJimmy's Bio
Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas

He attended the University of Michigan​ and graduated with a degree in Mathematics​ in 1998. He spent some time studying abroad at the Technical University of Budapest.

For the majority of his career, Song worked as a software developer for a wide array of companies in different fields including entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. In 2014, he joined Monetas where he lead the development of bitcoin integration with open transactions for almost a year. After managing the develop of a business friendly Bitcoin wallet for Armory Technologies, Song became the Principal Architect for Paxos creating blockchain solutions for institutional entities.

Media Presence
Jimmy is an outspoken leader and educator in the cryptocurrency world. With over 83K followers on Twitter​ and over 14K followers on Medium and YouTube.

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Into and outro voice over by Zach Lewis

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