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Gary & Tony’s Excellent Cryptocurrency Adventure

photo of OPENDIME™ cryptocurrency productI recently shared on Facebook my work on some Bitcoin-related projects like the OPENDIME™ (photo). Many friends were curious about it. One friend, was super excited, and suggested that we do a podcast together. I agreed. That was the beginning of how Gary Leland and I began our excellent adventure into the cryptocurrency world. We are planning projects including podcasting, mining, teaching, retailing, and much more.

We've already launched the Crypto Cousins Podcast and this website, And after much research, trial and error, and sheer determination, “Ethan”, our first crypto mining rig is available for sale.

We feel that this is an exciting time to be exploring new technology.1

I've dabbled in cryptocurrency since the early days of Bitcoin. Back in those days no one had even heard the word “cryptocurrency”. Bitcoin was just something that computer geeks knew about. The only software available was the core Bitcoin client.

There were no phone apps, for sure, and the common place for people to store their bitcoin was online exchanges/wallets like Mt. Gox or mybitcoin which were hacked, looted, or just scams. Looking back now, it is easy to see how we misplaced our trust in these sites, but back then there were few options.

Today, I can imagine a brighter future with the adoption of a decentralized system of money. My libertarian friends embrace the utopian promise of Bitcoin. I hope that it will bring a better world. But first, we have some roadblocks to overcome.

A major roadblock is the steep learning curve for what cryptocurrency is and what it can be. Learning about Bitcoin from the mainstream media is as silly as learning about the internet from the mainstream media was in the 90s. Remember their clueless comments about the internet? Remember as reporters tried to sort out the “www” from the “@” sign? Today, we see the same kind of cluelessness as they describe Bitcoin and the alt-coins.

We believe that we have an opportunity that didn't exist in the 90s. Today, the internet brings you more media channels than you can count. You can learn online directly from developers, investors, and educators. You can listen to podcasts and learn from people who are actually interested and even passionate about the topic. Join us in our discoveries as we share tips and basic knowledge about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We believe that working together, we can create a better world. We look forward to sharing our excellent adventure with you.

Tune in to our Podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

Call me with questions or comments at (747) 777-9471.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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