Podcast Episode 3
Trace Mayer Interview

Crypto Cousins Podcast S1E3 Trace Mayer Interview

Interview With Trace Mayer –
Talking about the Segwit2x Fork

Into and outro voice over by Zach Lewis realnewscn.com

1 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3
Trace Mayer Interview

  1. Michael says:

    I love and have followed this space closely for about 6 years now… Trace Mayer has some good things to say sometimes, but some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is utterly ridiculous and you really need to spend some time exploring the other side of these “shady Characters” he’s always talking about. I found my self cussing in the car listening to him (it is not a normal activity for me), present an utterly one sided, possibly purposefully misleading version of what is going on with bitcoin and the cyrpto space. Please beware of his propaganda. I think he’s going to get sued at some point for the stuff he says, its basically liable. Please present a balanced point of view so that a small group of people don’t hold too much sway over a massive community.

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