Crypto Cousins Podcast Ep 23 Listener Questions

Crypto Cousins First Question & Answer Show

This week Tony and Gary take several listener questions that have been submitted by email and calling into our voicemail. Call us with questions at (747) 777-9471 We want to get featured on a future episode!

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Listener Questions:

Caller #1 Steve Asks – “In one of your recent episodes you talked about the multiple forks that are projected for the future, and it seemed like there was set dates for each of these. Can you help me understand why these forks would not devalue bitcoin if it's essentially they are creating new coins in the process.”

Answer – Bitcoin’s value is based on the value of the Bitcoin network: the software running on the network, the development team, the miners, the merchants, the users, the exchanges and the third-party wallets and other second layer solutions. A clone of Bitcoin will be as valuable as the persuasive marketing they can produce for the coin.

This Weeks Email Message 1

Hi cousins,
My understanding is that it you owned bitcoin before all of the hard forks occurred, then you have some of the forked crypto as well. Is that true and if so, do you know how one would go about accessing their new crypto if they have been using an SPV wallet?


Answer – You can look up how to get your airdropped coins at @cryptoairdrops

This Weeks Email Message 2

Hello Crypto Cousins I need your help !!
My Coinbase account on selling and buying was disabled because one of my Bank transfer fund did a STOP payment on it.
After that Coinbase disable my sell/buy I’ve been contact them since December last year all they told me is they had escalate my issues to their special department I’ve watch my LTC went from $65k to $25k and there is nothing I can do about!!
Anyone have any suggestion please help ASAP.

Thanks all !!!

Answer – Ouch! We are sorry to hear that Tom. We think you have taken the right steps and good luck with your issue. Lesson learned, don't keep your crypto on the exchange.

Another Note – Thanks to everyone who has been using our affiliate link at

Caller #2 Steve Asks – “I was listening to your John McAfee interview, and he seemed to insinuate that cryptocurrency may at some point enable Americans to avoid paying taxes. Which would limit the government's ability to generate income. Which is a scary proposition from a regulatory perspective. What are you guys is thoughts on that.”

Answer – Bitcoin is software. It provides an interesting way to send messages from one network address to another network address. If you feel that your activities warrant paying the local, state, or federal government then you'll need to have a long talk with your tax professional. We don't give tax or investment advice. I'm pretty certain that the purpose behind the development of Bitcoin is to keep third-parties from seizing your assets.

This Weeks Email Message 3

Hi guys,

Thanks for the great show you are offering the Crypto enthusiasts! πŸ™‚
On the mining subject, it would be interesting to have your opinion on the comparison of hardware mining (GPU, ASIC) vs Cloud mining. A type of pros and cons approach that would help miners make a sound decision once they have decided they would like to invest in mining.

Also, to discuss the different Hash pools available would also be an interesting topic of discussion for mining adepts, litecoin pool vs prohash pool (altcoins), for example.

Pros and cons, what to watch for, maximizing our hashing power, is one option better than the other? How should we manage our risk and based on what factors? ect…

The impact of mining and our investment in a super fluctuating environment is something I find would be of interest to any beginners in the mining field.
Just my thoughts. Love your show, looking forward to the next podcast episode!


This Weeks Email Message 4

Hi guys,

Do you guys have any recommendations for mining pools.


Caller #3 Rich Asks – “What ever became of your crypto credit card venture? You had mentioned in an earlier show that you were seeking to get a Crypto credit card, and you would report back on how that worked out? Thank you for your time.”

This Weeks Email Message 5

Hey Cousins!

My name is Joe and I just bought the last Ethan Mining Rig (and damn proud of it!). I've recently started learning/diving into the world of crypto mostly due to your podcast. I want to thank you guys for doing what you've been doing. I am a tree climber for a north texas tree company and I listen to the podcast as often as I can while I am working.

Although I am not all caught up yet, I have heard you guys mention you need help with transcribing the podcast into text. I would like to help out with that if I can! I have never done something like this before, but I am a relatively fast typer and would love to contribute to the work you guys are doing. Please let me know your thoughts and how I can best help out!

Cousin Joe!

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