WilcoWallet Your all-in-one Android crypto hot-wallet.


WilcoWallet Makes it Easy

Hardened Version of Android: This device utilizes a modified version of Android 5, which strips out much of the bloatware commonly preloaded onto devices from your favorite telecom.

Not Always On: This is a feature, not a bug! A device without an always-on connection reduces your attack surface and further secures your assets.

Pre-loaded with pre-screened wallets and apps: iOS has a limited selection of crypto apps, and the Android Play store contains a large number of malicious apps masquerading as legitimate. All apps loaded on the device are pre-screened.


Crypto Security is hard.

As the value and utility of cryptocurrency increases, so increases the need for a secure, reliable hot wallet solution.

The WilcoWallet is designed to be easy for new and advanced users:

Segregating your cryptocurrency activities onto a single device reduces the chances for hackers to compromise your wallets.

Compatible and pre-loaded with most of your favorite mobile wallets: Mycellium, Coinomi, Jaxx, GreenAddress, Coinbase and more…

All software is certified as best-in-breed; you’ll reduce or eliminate the possibility of your private keys being compromised.

Comes pre-loaded with the Doctor Bitcoin application which contains device specific tutorials and general knowledge around blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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