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Can Cryptocurrencies Save The Next Generation in Latin America
Felipe Huicochea

Can Cryptocurrencies Save The Next Generation in Latin America - Felipe Huicochea

Can Cryptocurrencies Save The Next Generation in Latin America - Felipe Huicochea

Opportunity for freedom and self reliance for many Latin American countries by Felipe Huicochea at Bit Block Boom.

Blog post by Cousin Edgar Stumblefield.

King Philip ruled over the largest kingdom the world ever saw.

King Philip created a ledger for each ship that left out. One of the reasons that it is easy to identify a Spanish shipwreck? There was a copy of the manifesto, and another copy of the manifesto as well. There was an army of auditors that would go from port to port to verify. With a complex system, there was bureaucracy and corruption so the colonies wanted to find something else. They were trained by various priests.

Anything not explicitly allowed by the law is forbidden because the rule of the day.

Ex: In Mexico you have whatever rights the constitution says you have. In the U.S. people are deemed as having natural rights and the constitution protects those rights.

Permissionless Censorship Resistant Decentralized

Your actions are going to have consequences, but the fact that no one can prevent you from doing what you are going to do, that is very powerful.

Bolivar bills are being used to make crafts because the value of the money is not that great

Remittances – people are using Bitcoin in Spanish speaking countries

Commerce – people are making purchases with Bitcoin

80% of smart contracts for Ethereum or being processed in Argentina

2 million BsF as of May 12 2018 would buy 2 pounds of meat. Today, it is 6.5 million BsF.

Right now, the U.S. is heading in the same direction, just not as quickly.

Credit – there are a lot of projects working to be able to use crypto as collateral ; mutual loans – people pooling their crypto ;

Infrastructure – cell phone towers are being installed, as well as, satellite nodes to validate incoming and outgoing transactions ; many people working on these solutions and can be set up in almost anywhere in Latin America.

Opportunity for freedom and self reliance for many Latin American countries.

In Mexico, the leadership keeps changing. The safety net is really thin. With Bitcoin it is not mandated or required. Finally, I have a choice. Thousands and thousands of people are working to not depend upon the government. Many people's lives are being changed. I think it is a great time to be alive. Many people are able to have a say instead of having to kill each other which has happened over history.

Next generation – Bitcoin is helping to save not just the next Latin American generation, but this generation.

Felipe Huicochea is an entrepreneur, investor, technologist, author, occasional speaker, and political “hacktivist”. Felipe’s internet experience spans over 20 years and has worked in infrastructure, operating one of first internet regional nodes in Mexico in the mid 90’s, creating the first online multi language collaboration platform for the Organization American States (O.A.S.), running (and winning) the first online presidential campaign in Mexico and building mission critical systems for a VoIP company in the early 2000’s.

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