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A Simple Way To Auto Exchange Cryptocurrency

Auto Exchange cryptocurrency with awesome miner and mining pool hub

Using Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub Together

Using Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub To Auto Exchange Cryptocurrency

Written by Cousin Ken Taylor.

For those of you using Nicehash and like being paid in Bitcoin, I’m finding that using Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub together is the next best option for me. There may be better options, but this is working well right now. One thing Mining Pool Hub lacks is the nice frontend that Nicehash had, but it works.

Here is a little tutorial to get you started; hopefully my struggles are simplified for you.
  1. First let’s create an account on and login (CLICK HERE to register).
  2. Once logged in go to “Hub Workers” and create a worker. Simply type in any name under WORKER NAME and create a password under WORKER PASSWORD and click “Add New Worker”.
  3. After your worker is created under HUB WORKER CONFIGURATION there is a drop down menu next to Account’s Default Job. Here you can select an auto switching algorithm. I choose AMD – Cryptonight, Ethash, Equihash, Lyra2RE2, Myriad-Groestl, Skein, then click “Update Worker”. Not sure what affect this has on the switching portion some speculate it may not be required if using Awesome Miner.
  4. Next go to the “Auto Exchange” menu on the left. This is used to automatically exchange any mined coin into whatever currency you want. You do not have to change it into anything if you don’t want to but I’m exchanging mine into Bitcoin. If you decide to exchange to Bitcoin like me, then select it from the dropdown menu then click “Set Auto Exchange Coin”.
  5. Now click “Bitcoin” under Pools on the left menu, and then click “Wallet”. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address under PAYMENT ADDRESS, set your PAYOUT THRESHOLD if you want it to auto-pay you at a certain amount, and enter your 4 DIGIT PIN then click “Update Account” to save it.
  6. Now it’s time to download Awesome Miner from
    Note – You will want the first download not the remote agent installer.
  7. Once installed, under the Main tab click “Options”, then click “Profit Switching”. On the next screen check “Enable Managed Profit Switching” and check Mining Pool Hub and add your Worker Name (I think this is case sensitive and has to be typed as Username.workername) and select the region closest to you. Click “OK“.
  8. Click the “New miner…” button at the top, click next then choose “Managed Profit Miner ” and next again. Enter a description or name (anything you want) and then select either NVIDIA or AMD under profit switching profile. Then click next, and then click finish.
  9. Finally, you should see a button at the top that says “Start”, click it and you should be happily mining.

You can benchmark your cards by clicking Tools and then Benchmark. I found this helpful because my cards kept mining Zcash when I know Monero was more profitable for my Vega 56.

I don’t have NVIDIA cards but from what I’m reading you may have to disable Blake 2b in the “Profit Profiles” under Options. This is due to Sia not working with ccminer.

Any questions, I’ll do my best to help. Happy hashing!

Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor is a Telecommunications Engineer residing in Eastern Pennsylvania. Ken has been involved in Cryptocurrencies for about a year and is an avid investor and miner. When not involved with Cryptocurrencies he enjoys travel, hockey, baseball and playing slow-pitch softball and is highly involved in the craft beer world. Ken is also a volunteer coach for his son’s baseball and basketball teams.

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